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Rules for the Felicitation of Senior Scientists of Odisha

A large number of scientists and professionals have contributed to the development of Science and Technology in the state of Odisha, even before the establishment of the Odisha Bigyan Academy (OBA) in 1981. Several of them had life-long contributions by way of establishing scientific institutions and laboratories, schools of thought, teaching and popularization of science and technology in local languages, introduction/innovation of new technologies and a variety of other related activities. Realizing the importance of these contributions made by distinguished personalities towards scientific and technological advancement of the State of Odisha, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Odisha, would appreciate to honour and felicitate them through the OBA from 1997.

b.  This programme shall be known as "Felicitation of Senior Scientists of Odisha".
The Felicitation
a. Felicitation of Senior Scientists shall include a scroll of Honour and a memento.
b. Not more than five Senior Scientists would be felicitated in a year.
c. The funds for felicitation shall be placed by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Odisha with the OBA.
Subjects for Felicitation

Any branch of science and technology that had a positive impact upon the scientific or technological progress of the State.

The Nominee

A person to be nominated shall not be less than 65 (Sixty five) years of age by 31st December prior to the year of Award. He should have also devoted at least two decades of his professional career for scientific/ technological advancement in the State of Odisha.

b. The Nominee's contributions should be outstanding, positive and visible.

A person employed by institutions outside Odisha but who had devoted at least two decades of his professional career inside the state of Odisha may also be considered for felicitations.

5. The Nominating Authorities for felicitation of Senior Scientists of Odisha may include:
a. Distinguished scientists
b. Present/Former Officers and Authorities of OBA
c. Head of Technical Departments of Government of Odisha and Vice-Chancellors of the Universities of the State
Procedure of Nomination
a. The OBA shall invite nominations for felicitation through circulation among the Nominating Authorities.
b. All nominations should be made in prescribed Proforma available with the Secretary, OBA.

While making nominations, the Nominating Authority should submit an "Appraisal Report" within 1,000 words reflecting the outstanding contributions of the Nominee towards the scientific or technological development of the State.


The desired number of copies of Proforma for nomination along with the appraisal report may be forwarded to the Secretary, OBA on or before the last date of receiving nominations, in a confidential cover.


All valid nominations received by the Secretary, OBA shall be placed before the Award Advisory Committee of OBA for considerations and evaluation.


After careful consideration and with unanimous opinion, the Award Advisory Committee may recommend upto five nominations to the Executive Council for their considerations.


The Executive Council of OBA shall finally decide unanimously on the nominations for felicitation recommended by the Award Advisory Committee. In case of any difference of opinion the Executive Council may take decisions as it deems appropriate.


The decision of the Executive Council of OBA in matters of Felicitation of Senior Scientists shall be final.

Felicitation Ceremony

All the Nominees approved by the Executive Council of OBA shall be suitably felicitated in a ceremony to be organised by the OBA on a convenient date, time and venue.

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